Save time and money by preserving the partially used contents of sealant cartridges with our new and effective capping solution

An introduction to cut&cap

Reseal your partially used sealant cartridges to prevent them drying out. cut&cap is a new cartridge capping solution that literally, keeps on paying for itself!

“Innovative, patent pending, design guarantees an effective seal every time”

cut&cap incorporates a Cutting Guide to ensure that your utility knife cuts the cartridge nozzle cleanly, accurately and square to the thread (and at a predetermined position on the thread). Reusable Caps with integral rubber gaskets then re-seal the cartridge based on the precise parameters of this cut.

cut&cap also includes a handy Tool Holder that acts as a handle for the Cutting Guide and stores ten spare Caps (five on each side). The Cutting Guide can be installed on either side of the Tool Holder to accommodate both right and left-handed use.

If you require more than ten Caps then additional Caps can be purchased in packs of ten.

Inexpensive replacement sealant cartridge nozzles can be purchased online or from all good hardware stores (avoid the type that claim to be resealable because they are not air tight and they are more expensive).

The Cutting Guide can be located on either side of the Tool Holder to accommodate both right and left-handed use or used independently of the Tool Holder.

cut&cap fits all standard 290-310ml sealant cartridges (alternative models to fit Sika/Sikaflex and the larger 380ml or 400ml cartridges will be available soon).

For use with utility type knives with disposable blades (also known as box cutter, carpet, Stanley knives etc.) Other knife types could damage the tool or cause injury. Always use new, sharp blades. Utility knife not included. Storage life of capped sealants will depend on the product (and solvents involved). Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom (patent # 2207119.5).

The Benefits of cut&cap

There are a number of reasons why cut&cap works better than any other sealant capping solutions

cut&cap is extremely effective and unlike existing capping solutions, it is completely air-tight and there are no inherent air voids. The inherent faults with existing capping solutions that have been solved by cut&cap’s new, patent pending design include:

  • Other caps that are meant to seal against the cut edge of the cartridge nozzle do not seal properly because the cut edge of the cartridge’s nozzle is rarely cut cleanly, accurately and square to the thread.
  • Caps that seal against the top of the cartridge body (usually with an O-ring) don’t work as well because these caps must have longer threaded sections (because the length of the remaining cartridge nozzle thread is not known) leaving an air pocket that can instigate curing.
  • Caps that screw onto the end of the applicator nozzle don’t work very well because the applicator nozzles themselves do not have air tight seals and neither do the caps.

Other benefits include:

* THIS PRODUCT IS PROTECTED BY A LIFETIME WARRANTY. In addition to your statutory rights, the manufacturer will replace any defective items for the lifetime of the product. Product lifetime, for the purposes of this warranty, is defined as the period for which the product is being manufactured. Post and packaging costs may apply.


The latest product instruction sheet can be downloaded below:

Product Directions in Adobe PDF Format
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Where to Buy

cut&cap can be purchased from the following online retailers:

UK eBay Store (international shipping available)
Distribution enquiries – please feel free to reach out to us if you are a distributor or reseller and are interested in distributing or reselling our products.